From a 200 person conference in Katmandu to a 100,000 person event in Washington, DC.


Contract Negotiation

MFM Global does not sign global agreements as we believe that every venue or hotel needs to be negotiated on an individual basis. We believe in analyzing the patterns, the competition, and the state of the economy to negotiate the best agreements for our clients. We provide complete transparency. No hidden commissions.

venue & Production

We understand the importance of picking the perfect venue, facility or hotel that meets not only your budget, but also your type of event. We match the activity with the right venue and look. How do we do this?  Through our combined years of experience, research, and active network of contacts worldwide that provides us with the inside track on the right venues and designs for you!



MFM Global creates communication plans that speak directly to our clients target audience across a range of channels. From digital brochures to event webpages to custom signage, we create the right look for your event. We also work with your speakers to ensure that materials needed are precise and consistent. We build the right approach from the ground up across all distribution channels.